13-15th March 2016, San Diego
Exhibited at booth #1439 at American Chemical Society 2016 Spring. Website Floor plan(Booth #1439)
15-17th Dec 2015, Honolulu
Exhibited at booth #127 at Pacifichem 2015. Website Floor plan(Booth #127)
16-18th Aug 2015, Boston
Exhibited at booth #502 at American Chemical Society 2015 Fall. Website Floor plan(Booth #502)
17-20th Nov 2014, New Orleans
Exhibited as a part of "Kobe City HPC Cluster" booth #3808 at SC14, New Orleans. Booth Information
13 Mar 2014, Silicon Valley
CEO made a pitch which title is "Efficient Computational Chemistry" in front of audiences including investors. Link
18-21 Nov 2013, Denver
We made an exhibition at Kobe HPC Cluster Booth at SC13.
11 Oct - 15 Nov 2013, San Francisco
CEO works at Rocket Space for polishing BPlan and networking in sillicon valley.
8,9 Apr 2013, New Orleans
We made sci-mix and poster session(COMP) at American Chemical Society 2013 Spring. poster
12-15 Nov 2012, Salt Lake City
We made an exhibition at booth #247 at SC12. Website
1 Oct 2012
We officially start to sell and develop WinmostarTM.
30 May 2012, Kyoto
We made a English speech at a certain Japanese academy. Material
26-27 Mar 2012, San Diego
We made a poster and a sci-mix presentation in COMP division with the title "Acceleration of computational quantum chemistry by AVX + CUDA on heterogeneous computer architectures" (final paper number: 416) at American Chemical Society Spring 2012. Poster Material COMP Sessions
5 Feb 2012, Tokyo
We made a poster presentation about FMO & LINGO on GPGPU at ICORD(International Conference on Rare Diseases & Orphan Drugs) 2012. Material
14 Dec 2011, Beijing
We made a speech at GPU Technology Conference Asia 2011. PDF Sessions
14-18 Nov 2011, Seattle
We made short demo every day at SC11 booth #2610.
22-23 Oct 2011, Tokyo
We made a speech about GPGPU QM at JSST2011(Japan's Academy). Proceedings