• Company Name
  • XASN Co., Ltd.

  • Date of Establishment
  • 5th Oct 2017

  • Our Business
  • Hardware development and distribution in agricultural IoT.

  • Capital
  • 8 million yen

  • Shareholders
  • X-Ability Co., Ltd. (55%), Tetsu Ito (45%)

  • Board member
  • Temporary CEO :

    Ryota Koga


    Tetsu Ito

  • Location
  • Ishiwata Building 3rd floor, 4-1-5 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 113-0033


    We will develop field monitoring with built-in sensors via network.
    For more information of HALKA, please visit Facebook page.


    Field Sensing with data-logger and camera.
    Please refer to specification sheet.


    Connect the field router and various data loggers (Decagon Em50/b, Campbell CR10X, CR1000, etc.) by Bluetooth class 1 (~300m)
    Please refer to specification sheet.

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