• Company Name
  • X-Ability Co.,Ltd.

  • Our Business
    • Contracted software development in: Scientific Computation, Visualization, Parallelization & GPGPU, Data Analysis, Simulation, Machine Learning
    • Software development and distribution in computational chemistry.
    • Hardware development and distribution in agricultural IoT.

  • Foundation
  • 15 Jan 2008

  • Board Members
  • CEO and Co-Founder: Ryota Koga

    Master of Engineering at Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

    Director of Scientific Computing and Co-Founder: Yuki Furukawa

    Master of Science at Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo
    Japanese Certified Weather Forecaster (Registered Number: #4015)

    Director of Scientific Computing: Norio Senda

    Founder of WinmostarTM.

    Director of Sensor Network Engineering: Tetsu Ito

    Bachelor of Faculty of Agriculture, The University of Tokyo

    Scientific Computing Division: Ryuji Sakamaki

    Ph.D (CV)

    Scientific Computing Division: Shinji Nagashiro

    Master of Science in Informatics, University of Nagoya